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Shanghai Wisdom Star Vegetable Capsule Co., Ltd. is a Sci-Tech enterprise which focuses on vegetable capsule raw materials and finished products. It has independent R&D, a number of patents and inventions£¬and the products with independent intellectual property. Our core products include Empty Vegetable(HPMC) Capsule, Empty Starch Capsule, Empty Enteric Coated Vegetable Capsule and Empty Pullulan Capsule. Relying on the core business, Shanghai Wisdom Star will step by step be built into an excipients company with the most competitive advantages in the field of pharmacy and healthcare products.

Earliest R&D for vegetable capsules
Professional manufacturer
Automatic production
Outstanding quality
Competitive price

01 Empty Vegetable(HPMC) Capsule
02 Empty Starch Capsule
03 Empty Enteric Coated Veg. Capsule
04 Empty Pullulan Capsule

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