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We Shanghai Wisdom Star have an excellent R & D team. From 1996, we began to research the raw materials for vacant vegetable capsule and develop its production process. We carried out trail produce successfully by using hydroxypropyl methylene cellulose and gellan gum as main materials in 1997. The scale production was carried out in 2009. To overcome the problems of low transparency, unsmooth and longer disintegration limit than gelatin capsule, we compared with the same kind of products and tested repeatedly. Finally, the formula for the quality standard of the gelatin vacant capsule in China Pharmacopoeia (Edition 2015) was determined. At the same time, we have developed a new generation of hydroxypropyl vacant starch capsule which has been put into mass production. In addition, enteric coated vegetable capsule and pullulan capsule are also characteristic products of our company. Plant materials as packaging excipients for food and drug are the big trend, having a broad and prospective market. The market share of vegetable capsules will gradually replace the traditional gelatin capsules in the near future.

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